Veil Nebula Panorama

During the Summer time of 2017 we had the chance to be at some extreme dark sky in the island of Rhodes in South Greece, there we had some great clear nights to spend on imaging, and one of the projects I did, was to capture some mosaics.

So during the first days of August when there was no moon, we used our old 300mm F/4 Telephoto Lens (the Zenith Photo Sniper Lens) with my Atik 16Hr CCD and a Ha' filter with 13nm Bandwidth.

This was a really great combination for what we wanted to do as with this camera, the FOV was just the right one to do some nice images.

Every part of the mosaic is a combination of 7 exposures of 900 seconds each with auto guiding done by a 7x50 finder with a DMK camera and the help of PHD2 Software.

And here is the final image :

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