Deep Sky imaging on Ir & UV

For almost 5 years I am doing UV & Ir imaging in planets like Jupiter or Venus, and I have always wondered how it would be to use those filters on imaging the deep sky objects. Recently I have finalized my system for observing and now I am ready to start experimenting on those new ways of imaging. First I have taken images of M42 because it is a bright and nice detailed target to see and I used the 8inch Newtonian with a 801nm Ir-Pass filter and Atik IC on prime focus. The results were good but they became even better when I compared the image of this filter from the ED80mm telescope with the Ha line image from the same telescope.

Orion Nebula through the 8" Newtonian and the 807nm Filter

Orion Nebula through the Ha' and 807 nm Filters with 80mm ED Apo Refractor

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