November 2014 - Today

Observing schedule for the transits in the binary system AV CMiJuly 23,

2014Observational goal

We want to investigate, under what circumstances the transit of the possible third body is observable during a time of primary and secondary minimum. For this purpose, we calculated exactly when a transit of the third body occurs within a ± 60 min time difference from the binary minimum. The total number of critical observations during the minima, are 6 (3 for the primary and 3 for the secondary respectively). In order to accurately derive the transit signal from the observed light curves (if one exists), we must have some calibration observations. In other words we must have the complete light curves of the system during a primary and a secondary minimum. This is why the minimum number of observations required (for a perfect light curve sample) is 4. For all of the proposed observations we do not need the use of a specific filter (we already expect a high S/N).

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